The world first hybrid wake surf boat


Pre-Orders Now Open for the Genesis 24 Hybrid Wakesurf Boat!

Pre-Orders Now Open for the Genesis 24 Hybrid Wakesurf Boat!

Secure Your Spot to Own the World’s First Hybrid Wakesurf Boat and Join the Future of Watersports!

Exciting news from Genesis Marine Technologies: We are now accepting pre-orders for our highly anticipated Genesis 24 Hybrid Wakesurf Boat! This revolutionary vessel is set to transform the watersports industry, combining cutting-edge hybrid technology with the exhilarating experience of wakesurfing.

As highlighted in eBoat News, the Genesis 24 Hybrid is not just another boat; it represents a significant leap forward in sustainable marine technology. Designed to offer the best of both worlds, our Trident hybrid system seamlessly integrates a gasoline internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system. This innovative approach delivers unmatched performance while significantly reducing emissions, making it a win-win for watersports enthusiasts and the environment alike.

Our team of experts, boasting over 50 years of combined experience in advanced hull composites, has been diligently working on the prototype mold, and we’re thrilled to report remarkable progress. You can catch a glimpse of our journey so far in our build progress teaser on YouTube. The next steps involve finishing all molds and beginning the lamination process, bringing us closer to the reality of having the Genesis 24 on the water by late summer 2024.

Why Pre-Order the Genesis 24 Hybrid Wakesurf Boat?

  1. Cutting-Edge Hybrid Technology: Experience the thrill of wakesurfing with the added benefit of reduced environmental impact. Our hybrid propulsion system offers a unique combination of power, efficiency, and sustainability.
  2. Expert Craftsmanship: Our team’s extensive experience ensures that every Genesis 24 Hybrid is built to the highest standards of quality and performance.
  3. Exclusive Early Access: By pre-ordering, you secure your spot among the first to own this groundbreaking vessel. Enjoy the benefits of being an early adopter, including priority delivery and special updates on our progress.
  4. Join a Movement: Be part of a community that values innovation and sustainability. The Genesis 24 Hybrid is more than a boat; it’s a statement about the future of watersports and our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of our waterways, without comprimising on performance.

To place your pre-order, visit our website. Offering flexible payment options, Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of marine technology and watersports excellence!

Stay connected with us for bi-weekly updates on our YouTube channel, where we’ll share behind-the-scenes looks at the build process, exclusive interviews with our team, and sneak peeks at the final product.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see you on the water with the Genesis 24 Hybrid Wakesurf Boat!

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Pre-Orders Now Open for the Genesis 24 Hybrid Wakesurf Boat!